Mega Run: Redford's Adventure, also known as just Mega Run is a free iOS app created by Get Set Games, a Canadian-based company. It is the direct sequel to Mega Jump, and immediately follows the events of the game. Mega Run was released in Canada on May 21, 2012 and worldwide on May 28, 2012. According to Get Set Games, Mega Run has reached #1 on the Canadian App Store.


Unlike the prequel, Mega Run actually has more of a story and even has an intro sequence. The game starts off with Redford along with his brother and sister soaring through the sky, collecting Coins, a homage to Mega Jump. The game's primary antagonist suddenly knocks Redford's siblings out of the sky, and kidnaps them, and puts them into his collection of valuables like coins and jewels. Redford is also struck down and lands in Woodland Grove, but the villain leaves him behind, and makes off with brother and sister. They, unbeknownst to the villain, throw coins down to Redford to collect, and Redfords adventure begins.


While the first game had the player skyrocketing into atmospheric heights while tilting the control device, this game has the player running horizontally while tapping the screen to jump, and collect items. Coins and powerups still exist, although coins don't affect Redford's velocity (with the exception of the speed coins).

It is available on the iTunes App Store for 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS and higher, and iPad.

Currently, there are 4 worlds, with 16 stages each. They are called Woodland Grove, Tropic Shore, Palm Cove, Scary Woods, and Mystic Mountains, respectively.