Enemies are a form of antagonists in Mega Run. If touched, the character will then stumble, and if there is no platform below, the level must be restarted.. However, they can be defeated with a simple jump, or with the help of the powerups, such as Boost Stars, Speed Coins at maximum speed, Embiggernate, Blazo, Freezo, Fireball, Cannons, Springboards, Save Stars, or Magnet beginning from Super. Running into an enemy without items or with the items Magnet (until Turbo, but enemies not effected in Super and Mega also count), Jetpack, or Speed Coins not at maximum speed will cause the character to stumble.

Types of EnemiesEdit

  • Tripper - These enemies are stationary on the ground
  • Bloohoo - These enemies stay on the gound, but can walk around
  • Blobula - These enemies are stationary, but float in the air.
  • Bombole - These enemies are stationary underground and give the character a high jump (but the character still stumbles). They are indestructable without items.
  • Green (Name unknown) - These enemies jump up and down vertically.
  • Purple Nurple - These enemies float in the air and move vertically.
  • Gretch - These enemies stay on the ground and can walk around, and is also tall.
  • Yellow Orange (Name unkown) -These enemies stay on the ground but they run fast.
  • Blue (Name Unknown)-These enemies are like the Bombole,but they move around.
  • Red (Name Unknown)-These enemies stay still in the ground until the character comes and it charges towards you.
  • Lime Green (Name Unknown) These enemies hang above on the ground and drop down when a chraracter approaches.
  • Blue (Name Unknown)-These enemies hang above the ground.
  • Spike blocks - These enemies can be found anywhere but as the Character touches the Character and it (the character) will Straight away Fall and die (Unless you use a savestar)